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Audio Configurations for Every Venue

No two venues are exactly alike, but that doesn't pose a problem for us. We specialize in versatility; large or small, we can play them all! To ensure that we can do just that, we offer two standard sound systems with the ability to expand with additional speakers if necessary. If you're worried about not having enough volume to entertain your guests, let us help you shed that fear with our nearly five-thousand watts of speaker output.

Volume isn't the only requirement though, that's why we offer high quality PA systems that bring musical excellence to your event. And in addition to their quality, our sound systems lend themselves well to venues of any form. We offer wireless speaker configurations, extended speaker range, multiple location audio environments, and more. This ultimately boils down to the fact that no matter what you have planned, we can provide exactly the sound system that you need. We also work with or alongside a venue's existing sound system.

Microphones? We have plenty. Our system is capable of connecting to nearly a dozen microphones, and we carry just as many. If cables aren't your favorite, we also carry some of the best handheld and lapel wireless microphones on the market.

Big Speaker

We pride ourselves on adaptability, and we provide a vast selection of specialty controllers and effects equipment beyond our standard set. This means that when it comes to your big event, we're sure to have just what you need to make it look just as wonderful as you've imagined it to be.

Not so sure we'll have just what you're looking for? Drop us a line, and we'll talk over all the details with you to create something special.

Lights to Compliment Sound

With any great sound system, there's usually a light show to go too! We employ some of the most advanced lighting controllers available on the market to ensure that your event can really bring the flash and pizzazz that you're looking for. What's even better is that we've partnered with the organizations that produce these controls, and we use our unique expertise to further improve them and make your show even more impressive.

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