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We're here for your special requests, new ideas and the like, but our standard pricing is pretty simple, we offer two standard equipment bundles:


  • A large system for events in large spaces, or with a large number of attendees ($100 per Hour). For even larger spaces, or with more attendees, we can add two additional speakers at a flat rate of $50 per event.

  • A small system for events in smaller spaces, or with a lesser number of attendees ($75 per Hour).

These two systems can be used together if there is more than one location where you need music. Ask us about what we can do to help!

However, if you have (or your venue has) a sound system already, and you just need a DJ, we only charge $50 per hour.

Every event with our large sound system already gets FREE Bass-Dynamic Lighting, that's lighting controlled and synchronized with the rhythm and beat of the music. We can even connect your decorative lighting like holiday lights or patio lights to this system to create a really special effect! Talk to us about this!

We're currently reviewing our lighting systems to find what's most effective for our clients, that means that we're locking prices until we've established the new lighting, but there will likely be a price increase related to lighting. So if you're interested in lighting, we recommend that you book your event sooner rather than later.


Still a little lost? We'll be able to answer most all of your questions and give you insight on what might give your event the pizzazz that you're looking for. Just give us a call or send us an email!

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​Email us to customize a package that works for you